HMRC Terms and Tips To Better Tax Filing

HMRC Terms and Tips To Better Tax Filing

There are details you need to know to get a better understanding about factors relevant to your tax payments. If you are doing your personal tax returns, you have to be familiar how self-assessment works while keeping track of the deadline for filing. If you have a business or people under your employ, then the PAYE and payroll processes are the ones to keep in mind. Take note though that if you hit a snag, it HMRC_2293694bis best to make a quick call to the HMRC helpline.

The 31st of January is the deadline for submitting a self-assessment tax return. It is done yearly. If you file the form online, you are allowed typically up to 20 working days additional time. However, this will be allowed only if you haven’t submitted a tax return the year before.

Penalty charges for late payments apply. This is the reason why filing your self-assessment tax return on time is not only encouraged but should be a must. The late penalty charges are automatically charged against your account. You get a £100 penalty if your tax return was filed up to 3 months late.

The fine quickly increases as the payment gets late over time. If you anticipate difficulty in submitting your tax return or you think you will be late in filing, it is advised to let them know ahead of the deadline.




Doing the HMRC Self-Assessment will depend on your current employment situation. Self-Assessment is a system used by HMRC in collecting taxes from people or businesses. Everyone who earns in the United Kingdom is required to report their income. Tax is automatically deducted from wages, pensions and savings for the majority of the British people. They do not need to worry about filing a self-assessment. If you are unsure if you need to file for yourself then dial the HMRC phone number to be sure. You don’t want a tax evasion case to be filed against you so it is better to be safe than sorry.


PAYE and Payroll

The PAYE and Payroll is a way for the Revenue agency to collect income tax and national insurance Tax image Med 401kcalculator.org__1payments from employers. A PAYE system has to be incorporated if you are an employer. This will become part of your payroll system specifically if employees earn less than £112 per week. This also applies if they receive benefits and expenses. If they have another job then this system also kicks in for them.

In paying the employees, employers must ensure that the former has been deducted their tax and National Insurance before handing them their salaries. If employees earned over £155 per week, then the Payroll software can be used. It is very convenient because it will automatically work out the amount to deduct.

Bear in mind that when hiring employees or staff, you must be a registered employer using the HMRC process. This can be done online. It is important that prior to the new employee’s first paycheck you are duly registered in the Revenue office’s system. It will take weeks to register so you have to make sure there is enough time allowance to do so.

Tips In Contacting HMRC Effectively

Tips In Contacting HMRC Effectively

Based on many consumer forum and boards, there are many tips to make an effective HMRC contact.

Aside from getting nervous on the phone, there is the waiting time, which gets double year by year. If you don’t want to spend your lunch hour on the phone, then it may be best to write things down and send them over to the agency. Aside from the restful amount of time in writing things down, the reply back may make you absorb more of the important points as well As it is a physical copy, you can make it a clear reference in the future however you see it fit to be used as an evidence.


Be Specific

Make sure that you indicate your National Insurance number in the mail. You may course it to a specific department otherwise send it to:

HM Revenue & Customs

PO Box 1970


L75 1WX


Writing to them can sort a lot of things out and the best part is it‘s a hard copy. Your copy becomes a record of what was said by who, when and where it was replied to.



On Stand-By

The telephone option will always be on stand-by. The hours on weekdays are 8 AM to 8 PM, while it’s 8 AM to 4 PM during Saturdays. The HMRC contact number to call is 0300 200 0300. The shorter waiting will be before the lunch hour and just after 9 AM. Others recommend 8:15 AM, in the evenings or the entire Saturday as off peak hours.

Make it a habit to writing things down in detail, the time and date of the call as well as the person you spoke to. The call details of what was asked and the answers given are of course, utmost important.

Should you want to email HMRC, there isn’t an email address that you can use to contact tCartoon pictures of Hector the Income Tax Self Assessment Collechem except if it’s for a change of name or address only. Head over to this page for the address to use –


Wrong Code

If it’s for the wrong tax code used for the current year, use this link instead –

Take note that it is advised that a screenshot be done prior to hitting submit. This is to take note of the reference number and a possible hard copy when you print it for proof. When you don’t, after the submit button you will just be informed that they have received your message. Nothing more.


Special Queue

If you are an accountant or a consultant regarding taxes, you can inquire for a special queue to contact HMRC. If the public uses this number, they will not be assisted at all so don’t waste your time.

Under the Freedom of Information, you can request for an audio recording of your call with anyone in HMRC. If a promise wasn’t done or an officer dealt with abuse then ask for proof. It is free and you have to refer to the number you used as well as the time and date details. Apply using this link –


Complaint Lines

If the worse happens and nothing was done within three weeks of your call, consider lodging a complaint. If a letter was posted, then five weeks may be long enough before airing out. Though a call to complain is more convenient, in its written form a complaint may get acted on right away.

Mark the envelop3500e in big letters as COMPLAINT for better visibility. Provide all details necessary and head on to this link –

Still no response, then require your MP to act on your behalf:

House of Commons




For more details head over to the HMRC website at